About Us

Welcome to The Sleepy Poppy Shop! An online boutique filled with suds, seeds & whimsical fragrances. The inspiration drawn from one special flower has bloomed into a growing line of specialized bath products. 

Our signature line draws from the Poppy itself, Papaver somniferum. The use of Poppy through out the world has been well documented. Images of the flower and its petals are depicted in ancient Sumerian and Greek artifacts. It has been used for centuries in the Orient for both medicinal, spiritual and symbolic purposes; believed to have relaxing and healing qualities. It's seeds are commonly used cooking and baked goods. Our high quality line of Signature Sleepy Poppy bars draws from the Poppies distinct opium fragrance, complemented by other beautiful aromatics that are also indicative of the Far East! The scent of this alluring floral mixes with scents like Honey, Jasmine and Almonds  as our signature Poppy Seed Exfoliant removes, buffs and brightens dead or dull skin, giving you a luxurious bath fit for a Persian goddess. Click on Shop the Shop on our menu to learn more. 

The Sleepy Poppy's Land of Oz Line is our nod to the flowers influence in literature. Who could forget the classic tale of Dorothy, her famous companions and their grand adventure? Through the Oz series author L Frank. Baum used the Poppy as a symbol and theme in the 14 volume Oz series, most notably when Dorothy and her friends try to cross the beautiful Poppy field created by the Witch as a trap. The relaxing and soothing scent making them fall fast asleep until the Good Witch comes to their aide. This adorable soap line features our signature Poppy Seed Exfoliant but have unique scents on to their own that reflect attributes of the Oz symbol or character they were inspired by. In this line you will find a wide variety of fragrances from flirty fruits, herbal aromas, yummy sweets and, even sexy musks. Click on Sleepy Poppy's Land of Oz on our menu to start your collection. These are great in the bath but are perfect for guest soaps and gifts! 

Our ingredients are only the best. We use only organic botanicals and essential oils. Our soap base is completely natural and freshly poured to order in sanitary conditions. Any glitters, shimmers, and colorants are cosmetic grade and especially made for use in lotions, soaps and, makeups. 

Caution should be taken by ANYONE with allergies to certain herbs, flowers, or foods. While our products are NATURAL they are NOT necessarily hypoallergenic. If you are allergic to similar products in nature you should not use these items on your skin as similar reactions could occur. PLEASE be aware of any NUT allergies you or the recipient of your Sleepy Poppy Shop gifts might have.  Our seed supplier is a fully Organic operation and does house its inventory in a place where PEANUTS are sold. We take extra care in the preparation of our Poppy Seeds but are not responsible for any cross contamination with other seeds nuts. Our products are intended for adults and caution should be taken when used by young children. We test on OURSELVES NEVER ANIMALS and would never put out harmful or artificial product. Please take care in your choices. Ingredients are always listed in packaging and we are happy to answer any questions about what goes into our soap. 

Alcohol Free, Natural and, Vegan friendly products can be found here! Though our product in itself is not certified as USDA Organic we use ingredients that are. Our Shea Butter soaps are vegan friendly and we only use soy or vegetable based glycerin or coconut oil. Our Goat's Milk based soaps are not vegan. They are made with pure English Goat's Milk, but larger orders may be specially poured in Shea or Kosher Hemp upon request if inventory and time allows. Please view our contact page to send us questions regarding specialty pours. 

The Seeds & Suds are the basis of our product but we know some customers have extra sensitive skin. Can we hold the seeds? Yes. Our decorative bars can be poured with minimal seeds or without the Poppy Seed Exfoliant at all. Just shoot us an e-mail when your order is placed and ask us to go light, or hold the seeds. As with custom vegan pours these orders are considered a special request and may take longer to ship.  


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